Leverage the power of AI-based personalized recommendations

Analyse browsing patterns, preferences, order data, interests and much more with the Fether app. Provide a personalized shopping experience across web, mobile and email to drive up to 35% higher conversions.

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How are the recommendations dispalyed?

When a customer visits a product page, a bundle comprised of the products usually bought together is displayed.

By default, all products are selected but the customer can remove any of them with a nice user interface.

If your store uses variants, the customer can also select the desired variants; their pictures and prices are refreshed automatically.

After that, all products are added to the shopping cart with a single click. Easier for your customer means more sales for you.

It also works as a reminder of complements for a product.


The installation could not be easier. You install the app with a single click and the feature is ready on your product pages.

After the installation, no further action is required. Zero effort, zero maintenance.

Fether is mobile-friendly, adapting its size and layout to the screen size.

Configuration options

You can change the following options at any time:

  • Limit the maximum number of recommended products
  • Select the position of the recommendation widget in the product pages
  • Fully customizable user interface
  • Manual recommendations: although we recommend automatic recommendations because they lead to higher conversion, you can also fine-tune manually the recommendations for each product
  • Show random products when there are not enough data for automatic recommendations. They can be filtered by collectionproduct type or product vendor